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3000w modified power inverter DC 12V to AC 220V/230V/240V

Item Code: PI-3000-12-240
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Ideally suitable for Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip, Working on the way and everywhere, where is no electricity !

Simply connect our Power Inverter with 12v Battery, for example as in a Car, Motorcycle, Camper or Boat and use electrical appliances.

no remote, no battery cable including

●Why you should buy our Power Inverter ?
1. Our PCB Board is manufactured by machines, not by hand !This is extraordinary clean and it gives no cable tangle !
2. Our Material is First Hand Material! We do not use "Second Hand Material" like many other supplier !
3. Important Delivery Parts are manufactured in USA, Japan and Germany, not in China !
4. The Power Output is very constant.When using Strong Machines the IC Program recognizes this and provides at the beginning a Higher Power which adapted later !
5. If you use our Power Inverter for a long time, you can see the difference to similar products of other suppliers !!!

●How much Power should have the Inverter?
If the label of your electrical appliance does not shows the Watt, but you know the Amp (A),
you can calculate the Watt with following formula:
Ampere (A) x Volt * (V) = Watt
(*230 Volt Europe, 240 Volt Australia, 110 Volt America)

All Television Sets, Monitors, Notebooks, Coolers, Pumps, Machine Tools and many further inductive devices have an extremely high short term starting current.


If your TV equipment indicated an output of 150 Watt, the starting current can be up to 10 times.This would mean, that you must select a Power Inverter, which can accept a short term maximum performance of 1500 Watt.
Please absolutely pay attention to this important factor and order none to weak Inverter for your equipment.

Because it could damage the inverter and your appliance! If you want to use our Power Inverter with a special Appliance,please ask us first!                       

●Because some appliances have instant power or motor, when use our power inverter must pay an attention for some points as follow

1.  It is better not use our power inverter connect with the fluorescent (lamp). There are two kinds of fluorescent, one is inductance type: when turn on switch, the light can on after one second or more and some also with buzz, this light has instant high voltage and it is more than 700v and even more than 1000v; another one is electronic type, it also has instant current and can be more than 700 Ah.

It only can use our power inverter to run the bulb.

2. if want to run the machine like washing machine ,refrigerator or water pump, coffee grinder or kettle which have a motor ,then need to use more than 15 times to 20. times power of them, because they all have instantaneous power when turn on, and better use our low frequency/LF inverter to run them.
●Attention and Note

1. Fluorescent Lamps:
When switching on fluorescent lamps or tubes the inductive tensions can develop some of thousand Volt.Therefore you must let insert a connecting starter.

2. Additional 220v Alternating Current Generator:
You need a special switching device that it comes no damage to the Power Inverter.

3. Cigarette Lighter Plug:
The plugs are made only for an output up to 200 Watt.Please don’t use Inverter and Appliances which have a higher operating level.
4. If you use too big appliance than the inverter's power, the fuse will be burned, just replace the fuse by yourself, this will not including the warranty.

5. when you replace the fuse, pls do not use the appliance again, it means the appliance is over load power than the inverter.

6. when you want use the engine, motor any heavy power appliances, air pump, pls ask us before using, as some heavy power tools, it's 10 to 20 times power than the appliance mentioned, and better use our low frequency/LF inverter to run them.


Warning label

warning label


Model No. PI-3000
Continuous Output Power 3000W
Max Output Power 6000W
DC Input Voltage DC 12V
AC Output Voltage AC 220V-240V
Regulation ±5%
Frequency 50Hz±3%
Efficiency 87%
No Load current Draw 0.7A
Output Wave Form Modify Sine Wave
Distortion 2%
Temperature Protection (55±5)
Input Low Voltage Protection YES
Input Reverse Polarity  YES
circuit protection YES
Output Short Circuit Protection YES
Overload Protection YES
Weight 4.5kgs 
Warranty 1 year
Certificate CE, C-TICK





This item will send from EU warehouse, No tax to UK & EU.
(Do not ship to Island address.)


Warranty :

Please check the carton and product after you receive the good, if something damaged during transportation by Express Company, let us know immediately, then take photos of the carton and product first(including the shipping label that shows the tracking number on it), then send the photos to us, and also test the product to see it works or not ,any problem pls contact us asap so that you can cover the corresponding warranty. 

Return / Replacement : 

Within 14 days(based on the delivery data) :

Repair fee all free. Buyer return the inside board with the cheapest postage, we'll cover for the return postage and resend a whole replacement by our charge. Or we can send parts for repair if you have experience on electronic.

After 14 days to 6 months(based on the purchase data)

1. Free repair, buyer need pay for return postage for send back.

2. For replacement: buyer need pay for postage for send back the original item and pay postage for resend replacement .

After 6 months to 1 year (based on the purchase data)

1. Free repair, buyer pay for return postage and resend postage.

2. For replacement :

If send back the original item back to us, 50% original cost can get a new one, buyer responsible for return postage.

If do not send back the original item to us, 85% original cost can get a new one.

After 1 year(based on the purchase data)

Buyer pay for return postage and resend postage and repair charge.

Refund : 

Within 45 days(based on the delivery data)

Product fault: Full refund, buyer responsible for return the item back for full refund

Product good: Refund product cost, buyer responsible for return the item back and freight for original sent out

After 45 days - 2 months

Product fault: refund product cost, buyer responsible for return the item back and other cost 20%

Product good: refund product cost, buyer responsible for return the item back and other cost 20% and freight for original sent out

After 2 months : No refund

Note:  If the product is damaged by yourself or is inappropriately used, exists no warranty!


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