1200W Grid Tie Power Inverter DC 28V-45V to AC 220V

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Features for this grid tie inverter:

Sometimes, if you are using a heavy inductive load appliance like a motor, or fluorescent light, this can cause the line voltage to rise and fall very quickly. At that instant, high surge currents can flow into the grid tie inverter and can damage the ac mosfets. The built in surge protector will clamp the excessive voltages by itself to protect the grid inverter.


If you have had the unpleasant experience of a lightning strike, you may have experienced home appliance damage. Lightning can cause spikes of thousands of volts to appear on your home wiring and can also damage the inverter. The built in lightning protection helps protect the inverter in many cases, clamping  high voltages. Even  power companies and the military get lightning damage so we can improve your odds but no one can produce totally lightning proof electrical equipment. At least we are honest about it.


We now provide access to the ac fuse from the outside of the inverter. Each inverter will come our special ac fuse. This will protect the inverter in less than a millisecond to help prevent high voltage spikes from feeding back into the circuitry!

Power Jack is factory direct to the end customer.   There is no importer or wholesalereseller so we can offer the most competitive price to our customers.

1.Information from  Power Jack
 The inverter can be connected to any outlet in the home providing line power. The inverter IC will monitors the voltage, frequency and phase of the home grid, then produce a pure sine wave phase locked to the grid. The voltage will be just enough higher than the grid's to feed power into the grid, Then using our current controlled PWM we control the output power to the grid. The  inverter will put out power when the home grid is on. The inverter will stop feeding power into the grid when the grid is down, for safety and as required  by law.
 2. Why should you use a grid tie inverter?
 When you use power from solar panels to supply the inverter, your home power meter will run more slowly(if you are using other electric appliances), or your home power meter will run backward(if you are not use any appliances).

3.Why should you use a Power Jack grid tie inverter
 In traditional grid tie inverters, the solar panels are connect in series so if one solar panel did not work or had  poor efficiency or had a blown bypass diode, then the whole system is affected. With Power Jack inverters, you can use all  panels in parallel so if one is not working properly, you only lose the output  from that one panel. You can also run several Power Jack inverters parallel  instead of having one large expensive unit. If you have just one expensive inverter and it fails you produce no power. If you have several smaller units  and one fails you still produce power. Each inverter has it's own MPPT function so you can extract the maximum power from all of your solar panels.
 4. Island protection
 When the dc charge function is normal, the inverter supplies power. If  there are no dc sources (like at night or a cloudy or rainy day), the inverter will stop attempting to supply power and shut itself off from the power grid to  protect itself and lengthen its lifetime.When has sunshine,the inverter will rework automatic
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