How does the ATS function work on this 12v LF inverter?

ATS Function on 12v LF inverter:

a. when switch to ATS function, then: 

for 12v system, your battery voltage when 10.5v, will auto switch to ATS mode, means inverter will auto switch the home power to provide the 220v AC output & charge your battery at the same time. After charge your battery to 14v,will be back to inverter mode. (PS.AC input cable need plug in all the time)

b.if you are using solar system, then you need stay at ATS function , because in the day time, all the power come from solar, after night time or battery under 10.5V,  will auto switch to home power, will let your electric products keep working, until day the sun come on again, then will be back to inverter mode again.