What is the feature for 10000w Power Meter Display?
Multifunctional Ammeter Power Voltage Watt Tester

2.Main Interface
AC WT: ( ) W  Integer, Display range:0-3600w
AC Volt: ( ) V A decimal, Display rang:0.0-300.0v
AC Amp: ( ) A Two decimal, Display range:0.00-12.00A
Power Fact: Three decimals. Display range: 0.000-1.000
a)Total working time:                     ( )H
Two decimals, Display range: 0.00-42949672.96 Hours
b) Total consumption power:               ( )HKW
three decimals, Display range: 0.00-4294967.296KWH
c) Total electricity cost:                    (  )$
Two decimals, Display range: 0.00-42949672.96$
4. Total three buttons: “Up”, “Down” and “Enter” button
Up” button is circular like that: Total electricity cost-Total consumption power-Total working time-Main Interface-Total electricity cost
Down” button is right about
Enter” button is to enter the main interface for choose working time, total consumption power and total electricity cost, total operation time, electricity consumption and electricity cost
Total operation timeelectricity consumption and electricity cost can clera
It can be used to set power, and the meter will alarm when it reaches the reserve power
It can be used to set the cost
Refresh rate: one time 0.5 seconds
Measurement Accuracy:+_1%
5. In Total working time interface, long press “Enter” button to enter the interface for cleaning away Total working time, Total consumption power and Total electricity cost. And “Enter” is for cleaning, while “Up” is for exiting.
  1. In Total electricity cost interface, long press “Enter” button to enter the setting of unit-price, and “Up” and “Down” button are for setting the price; when it is set, press “Enter” for exiting/ then the total electricity cost interface will show the total cost of electricity consumption.
Note: when LCD alarms, it means Total working time reaches the reserve power you has set, you need to clean it to “0” or larger the reserve power you set before!