What need to be noted when use power inverter?

Because some appliances have instant power or motor,then when use our power inverter must pay attention for some points as follows:
1)it is better to use pure sine wave power inverter to connect with the TV,not modified power inverter

2)can not use our power inverter connect with the fluorescent.
There are two kinds of fluorescent,one is inductance type :when turnon switch,the light can on after one second or more and some also
with buzz ,this light has instant high voltage and it is more than 700v and even more than 1000v; another one is electronic type,it also
has instant current and can be more than 700 Ah

3)if want to run the machine like washing machine ,refrigerator or water pump which have a motor ,then need to use more than 15 times to 20 
times power of them

4)you can not use our power inverter connect with the coffee grinder or kettle