What should be attention when use the inverter?

Never attempt to operate the inverter with any power source other than a 12/24/48 voltage battery.

Do not change the DC 12v/24v/48v cable randomly.

While connecting the inverter to the power source, be sure that the inverter is positioned far away from any potential source of flammable fumes.

Be sure that the power consumption of the appliance or equipment you intend to operate is compatible with the capacity of the inverter.

Use standard spade type fuse.

In the event of a continuous audible alarm or automatic shut down, turn the inverter OFF immediately. Do not restart the inverter until the cause of the problem has been identified and corrected.

Always disconnect the inverter when not in use to avoid battery drain.

Do not expose the inverter to rain or moisture.

Avoid placing the inverter near sources of heat, or in direct sunlight.

While the inverter is in use, make sure it is properly ventilated.